Neutra Projects

It will take us some time to complete the project gallery. When it is finished we will have images plans and information about each of the projects designed by Richard Neutra and Dion Neutra. At this time the search and category filters only apply to the projects listed in the gallery.

Visitors who know the name of a particular project to look up can enter that name in the box titled “search for projects”. Visitors wishing to see all the apartment designs, educational designs, etc. can select the proper pull-down title in the box titled “project type“. Visitors interested in seeing projects that are at risk or demolished etc. can pull up those projects by selecting the proper pull-down title in the box in entitled “project status“ The pulldown titles in the box labeled “location“ allow the visitor to see projects in different parts of the world.

For now, we provide a link to the website of US Modernist which has images of Richard Neutra’s residential works. We also show the three apartment containing structures under the direct stewardship of the Institute.

  • Project Type

  • Project Status

  • Location

Carol Weston House


Southern California

Charles and Sylvie Maxwell House


Southern California

Claremont Colleges Learning Center


Southern California

Clarence and Claire Coe House


Southern California

Constance Perkins House


Southern California

Corona School


Southern California

County of Los Angeles, Hall of Records


Southern California

Crescent Professional Building


Southern California

David and Berdine Treweek House


Southern California

Donald M. Cole House


Southern California