The Neutra Institute for Survival Through Design

The Neutra Institute for Survival Through Design, a 501c3 private foundation, takes its name from the title of a 1954 book by world famous architect Richard Neutra. He argued that our very survival demanded well researched designs that served health and wellbeing. Accordingly:

Our Vision

Surviving in the climate crisis through well-researched design that helps humanity and the planet thrive.

Our Mission

We preserve and use the Neutra legacy to promote creative research and design that benefits people and the planet.

Other features of note

Neutra Survival Through Design cover

Survival Through Design

Download a free PDF of Chapter 44 of the book along with a 1954 book review by Sybil Moholy-Nagy and the full table of contents.

Dion Neutra talking with library patrons at the Huntinton Beach Library

Neutra Owners’ Network

A worldwide community of owners and stewards of buildings designed by Richard and Dion Neutra and their partners.

Garden patio at the Neutra Office/Apartments

Our Virtual Apartment Museums

The Neutra practice was responsible for the design of 15 multi-household projects. See inside the three under our stewardship and how their design tactics affect physiology and socializing.