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Neutra Office & Apartments

Starting with the 1928 Jardinette Apartments, the Neutra practice was responsible for fifteen apartment designs, including owner duplexes, affordable housing, apartments for government officials and multi-unit apartment structures. Other building types like schools and residences can be found on the main Architectural Projects page.

From the beginning the Neutra’s were committed to providing indoor/outdoor experiences and natural light in apartment living. This series of apartment designs were as influential as the more famous single family dwelling designs. Apartment design continues to be an important challenge. As described below we have provided educational materials for the three apartment structures under our stewardship to stimulate discussion for today’s users and designers.

Dion Neutra left to the Institute three of these apartment projects: the 1949 Reunion House/Apartment, the 1950 Neutra Office /Apartments and Dion Neutra’s 1982 Treetops Triplex. Because these three buildings are occupied by tenants and are rarely open for tours, we are in the process of creating virtual walk throughs and short explanatory interior videos to explain how the design tactics affect brain physiology and social life. Passersby can access these with QR codes, but we offer them to you here on this site.

Dion Neutra Reunion House and Apartment

Virtual Tour

A Chat with the First Reunion Resident

To promote its mission to use the Neutra legacy to promote researched responsible design, the Neutra Institute has offered a no-cost academic year residencey to a final year master student of the USC School of Architecture. Michael Alvarez was our inaugural resident and tells us about his experiences with the place, its library and the other visitors to the house. He also tells us about his thesis project.

A review of how Neutra made small rooms feel and appear larger.

Designed to Accommodate Three Generations

Neutra Office & Apartments

Virtual Tour

Natural Light and the Brain

Designed to be Residential or Commercial

Treetops Apartments

Information and images of Treetops Apartments begins at 1:25 mark. Jardinette, Strathmore and Kelton apartment projects are shown first.