Reunion House/Apartment

Reunion House

The house was envisioned in 1950, as a hypothetical “grandparent’s house” where family reunions would be held.

Project Detail

Year Built



Mr. Johnson


2440 Neutra Place
Los Angeles, CA 90039

Current Status

Under Institute Stewardship

The 1950 Reunion House was built as a spec house for a Mr. Johnson who served as the general contractor. It was designed to accommodate grandparents in the master bedroom side of the house and visiting children and grandchildren at the other end in a friction-free “reunion.”. Thirteen years later it came on the market just as the 1932 wing of the Neutra VDL Studio and Residences burned down. The Neutra’s bought and lived in the house making a few modifications. They transferred the house to Dion and his second wife and her children Wendy and Haig Fisher in 1966. Dion constructed an apartment above the garage, whose foundation had been designed to accommodate such an addition.  Dion lived in the house until his death in 2019. His wife was living in it as of 2020.