Experience Neutra

A tour of the 1955 Sidney and Sonja Brown House

Be sure to compare the scenes from this Architectural Digest video with some Shulman photographs of the Sidney and Sonja Brown House in our project gallery.

1958 Neutra and Alexander UCLA Lab School

From the film ‘Neutra-Survival Through Design’ Directed by PJ Letofsky

Neutra Plywood Demonstration House

Poster Neutra Apartments

Expansive, Still and Connected: Life at the Strathmore Apartments

A review of how Neutra made small rooms feel and appear larger.

Dion Neutra Reunion House – Virtual Tour

Dion Neutra Reunion House – Explore the space designed by Richard Neutra to house three generations of family.

Interior of one of the apartments in Neutra’s 1942 Kelton Triplex in West Los Angeles

Designed for dual-use – The Neutra Glendale Office

Although the Neutra VDL Studio and Residences, a National Historic Monument, will be closed during the Covid 19 Pandemic you can take a virtual tour at https://www.neutra-vdl.org/about/walk-through

Virtual Tour – Christ Cathedral (formerly Garden Grove Community Church)

Click on the photo to view the virtual tour

Perception of Architecture – the Neutra VDL House

This tour of the Neutra VDL Studio and Residences led by Dion Neutra was made by film maker Titus Leber in 1980. It shows experience shaped by the architects Richard and Dion Neutra.