Download a free PDF of Chapter 44 of Survival Through Design by Richard Neutra

The Neutra Institute for Survival Through Design has sponsored a new edition of Neutra’s 1954 book Survival Through Design. This illustrated and annotated edition has a full index and a scholarly introduction by Dr. Barbara Lamprecht and a foreword by Dr. Raymond Neutra. In this book Neutra speculated on the physiology of the interaction of humans and the designed environment.

To provide an introduction to those interested in this book, the Institute is offering at no cost a PDF of Chapter 44 of the book along with a 1954 book review by Sybil Moholy-Nagy and the full table of contents. This chapter touches on some of the main themes of the book and an example of how Neutra applied physiological evidence on thermal regulation to the design of standardized low-cost schools on the island of Puerto Rico.