Claremont Methodist Church

Claremont Methodist Church

Seeking an approximation to the sublimity of nature, the west of the church is a near solid wall of glass that faces the steep, dramatic San Gabriel Mountains. The deep vaulted ceiling recalls the keel of a ship and joins the juxtaposing sides of the structure. On the east side, white walls lean outwards with high clerestories that reveal the sky. While the west is painted in the classic Neutra brown-black offering a contrast to the levity of its opposing wall. The nave aisle is asymmetrical so that they are short and long pews, allowing the audience the possibility of grouping themselves in multiple ways. 

Adapted from Neutra – Complete Works by Barbara Lamprecht (Taschen, 2000), pp. 353, 449.

Project Detail

Year Built


Project Architect

Neutra & Alexander


United Methodists


1616 North Hills Avenue
Claremont, CA

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