Richard Neutra’s 1969 Recording for the Smithsonian Museum: His Philosophy Summarized

Dione and Richard Neutra

In the spring of 1969, at the urging of Vice President Hubert Humphrey, the Smithsonian Museum mounted an exhibition of my father’s work and ideas. Characteristically my father enlisted me, a young physician studying epidemiology at Harvard School of Public Health in thinking how this might be done. I developed a series of slides including a goldfish in a bowl, images of the evolution of the VW bug, an astronaut, etc and developed a narrative text to go with it. I sent this to my father to read into a tape. He edited the text and then read it into the tape which he sent back to me in Boston from Los Angeles or Vienna with the instruction to forward it to the curator in Washington, a Mrs. Mathisen.

So here, with his strong Viennese accent, is his fifty-year-old message to the general public. It is still relevant today.

Raymond Richard Neutra MD Dr.PH
President, Neutra Institute for Survival Through Design