Orange Coast College Football Stadium addition

Julius Shulman photography archive, 1936-1997.

Orange Coast College Football Stadium addition


In her monograph on Neutra’s work in Orange County, Professor Irini Vallera-Rickerson, director of the college’s Fine Arts Gallery, wrote, “Neutra was amazed by the OCC Board members’ concern with the details of the football stadium, as he was unfamiliar with this aspect of American culture. Alexander remembers, ‘He could hardly believe his ears at the board meeting one night when the members started their cross-examinations. Where was the space for the pom-pom girls and the cheerleaders? [Note: the Cheer Leaders Platform is clearly called out in the final site plan.] Where was the space for the ambulance? It must be practically on the field, as the ambulance attendant wants to see the game too!’ After the meeting, Neutra described the (envisioned) game which he had never seen as a pagan ceremony full of primitive tribal rites and rituals.” Probably the only element in the addition which shows a clear Neutra stamp is the delicate little press box perched high above the home stand on the east. Here glass window walls are topped by an overhang for a deep shed roof supporting a small outdoor viewing area that is surrounded by tubular steel railings.

Project Detail

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Neutra & Alexander


Orange Coast College


2701 Fairview Road
Costa Mesa, California

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