Mountain Home Air Force Base Housing Project

Julius Shulman photography archive, 1936-1997.

Mountain Home Air Force Base Housing Project


This project presages Neutra’s thinking for the highly successful, speculative Bewobau housing project in Germany but on a much more modest level. The 500 units for Air Force families provided a range of designs from free-standing officers’ houses to multi-plexus. A basic infill unit in a two-story six-plex measured 18′ x 28′ for a total of 1,008 square feet, while the end units of the plexes were somewhat larger. The living areas of these larger units were designed to be flexible spaces. Sliding doors met at right angles in the living room to create an instant private study while other rooms could be temporarily closed off by curtains. The exterior moves were simple, with differences in interior spaces expressed by reorienting the direction of the wood siding.

Project Detail

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Project Architect

Neutra & Alexander with Hummel, Hummel & Jones


Air Force


Mountain Home, Idaho

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