2020 Activities at the Neutra Museum

A Message From the Curator Dulce Stein

The Institute has made the Neutra Museum space available to me without cost so that I can offer it as an art and culture space for emerging and establish creatives individuals and groups to exhibit their art, poetry, music and cultural heritage. Also as a safe space to hold indigenous language classes, poetry, lectures, art workshops and community meetings.

My vision is for The Neutra Museum to be considered home to our community in the truest sense of the word. Our priority is the emerging artist because it is very difficult to make a way in the Los Angeles art scene. With a little help from The Neutra Museum, our emerging artists and poets can go a long way. We are an inclusive gallery proud of our hard work and our strong community.

The 2020 Schedule prior to Covid 19 would have been as follows, but all of this is canceled until further notice:

March 7th (opening) to March 29 (closing): La feria de las flores

April 4th (opening) April 26th (closing): Fools/ Carnival

May 4th to April 26th: Nudes

June 6th to June 25th: Abstract

July July 4th to July 26th: Black and White

August 1st to August 30th: Fary tales

September 5th to September 27th: Pastels and watercolors

October 3rd to October 25th: 5th annual DULCEPALLOZA

November October 27 to November 29th: Dia de los Muertos

December 5th to December 27th: Virgins and Goddesses

March special events:

Tuesday, March 10, 17, 24, and 31 from 7-9 PM ZAPOTECO language class with Professor Jose Bollo

Thursday, March 12th from 7-10 PM featured poetry and open mic: Projector 2020