- Lost Gems of Architecture

Demolition Derby

This section of the site is devoted to the presentation of LOST GEMS OF ARCHITECTURE which for whatever reason were demolished, and which we now regret not having been able to save.


The recently demolished Samuel and Luella Maslon House in Rancho Mirage, California. Built in 1962 by modernist architect Richard Neutra.
Von Sternberg Residence: early 30s example of pioneering modernist design by Neutra. Destroyed in early 70s because of management issues and ultimately to house tract of houses.
Neutra designed Cyclorama building at Gettysburg, Pennslyvania.
Watch the video below of the $100,000,000 Sho Hondo Buddhist temple erected to last 1000 years in early 70s destroyed in late 90s because of displaced egos in religious community.
The Sands, Las Vegas: early example of Wayne McAllister design removed to make space for larger and more profitable hotel with no history.  
Laemmle Building; Hollywood and Vine; 1934. Drastically altered starting about 1940; might as well have been demolished. This one could be brought back!  
Fine Arts Building: Cal State Northridge University. 1961. Damaged by Northridge earthquake of '94; destroyed in '97 rather than repair.  
Pennsylvania Station, NYC 1915 McKim Mead and White . Destroyed 1965 Despite massive protests to build Madison Square Garden; itself being redeveloped as we speak, along with a new entrance to the subway station via a Library building across the street by the same architects.  
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