Volunteer Interns Wanted: Join the Institute

The Neutra Institute for Survival Through Design, a non-profit foundation, is always in need of volunteers help to assist its Executive Consultant, architect Dion Neutra, with various projects. The applicant should preferably know how to operate a Mac computer, and if possible, know WordPress/how to maintain Web site materials as displayed on this site (www.neutra.org).

He/she should be willing to put in preferably 8-16 hrs/week at the Neutra Studio in Silverlake (or even at home), and be willing to work on various types of assignments in conjunction with several Institute projects. If you have less time available, just let us know what you can afford to invest. Some research on the Web may be involved as well, so some knowledge in this area would be great. Applicants with their own laptops should consider using them on this assignment to speed up Web surfing.

An added area of interest is support in the several Institute Book projects being persued by Dion; seemingly an endless list. Get credit in the art direction/ creation of copy for these publications. If possible candidates with InDesign knowledge can best help. Let us know what your skill sets are; a resume would be great.