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Research and Responsible Design Webinars

What Has Neuroscience Learned about Beautiful Architecture?

Architect Don Ruggles, interviewed in this episode by George Smart, and Architect and Researcher Lisa Heschong, interviewed by Dr. Raymond Richard Neutra, provided some answers on US Modernist Radio.

Neuroscience and Neutra with Dr. Barbara Lamprecht and Dr. James Wise:

Adapting Our Modernist Homes As We Age

Dr. Raymond Neutra interviews Professor Victor Regnier about programs, services, and adaptations that allow people to age in their own modernist homes. Watch here.

Stewardship Webinars

The Story of the Painted Desert Community and Visitor’s Center

The unusual 1961 Painted Desert Community and Visitor’s Center designed by Neutra and Alexander received a careful preservation and restoration by Superintendent Brad Traver. He tells the story here:

Research/Responsible Design Webinars

History Webinars

Interview with Titus Leber

Titus Leber is the creator of many large-scale multimedia cultural productions and writer-director of several award-winning films. In this interview, he discusses the impact of Richard and Dione Neutra on his career. He also reflects on the Neutras’ stay in Vienna, the city of Richard’s birth, where they tried to establish a branch of the Neutra Institute.

Interview with Professor Volker Welter

Professor Volker Welter, from the University of California Santa Barbara, shares about Warren and Kit Tremaine, as well as the long gestation and many design changes that resulted in one of Richard Neutra’s most famous residences.

VDL Studio as a multi-family live-work space.

Dr. Raymond Richard Neutra explains how the Neutra VDL Studio and Residences were designed and used as a multi-family live-work space.

Presentation by Barbara Lamprecht on the Dion Neutra Reunion House

Rost Architects interview with Raymond Neutra

In this discussion Raymond goes into great detail on his fathers life, moving to the United States, career progression, mentors, time with Frank Lloyd Wright at Taliesin. Also covered is what Raymond felt was his fathers most important contribution to the field of architecture, and what he viewed was his fathers most successful project. We also talked about Richards relationship with renowned Modernist architectural photographer Julius Schumann.

Open Space | Neutra in Bakersfield

Hear two first-hand accounts of what it’s like to live in a Neutra-designed home in Bakersfield. David Coffey shares about his experience at the Davis House (1937), and Patricia Leddy, one of the few remaining original owners of a Neutra home, shares her experience living in the Leddy Residence (1958).

Raymond Neutra interview On Mid-Century Home Talks

Mid-Century Home TALKS editor in chief, Marco Guagliardo, interviewed Raymond Neutra, the youngest son of world-renowned architect Richard Neutra.

German-language short film on Neutra

Watch a German-language short film on Neutra’s neighborhood of houses near Frankfurt, completed in the early 1960s.

Richard Neutra, an Interior View

A film by Justin Neutra.

Interview with author Dr. Raymond Richard Neutra

In this interview, Dr. Raymond Richard Neutra traces the forty-year relationship between his parents and the great architect Frank Lloyd Wright.