Exhibit Page Welcome Agreement Checklist Installation & Demounting

I. ‘View from Inside’ Exhibition — Welcome!

Welcome to the traveling exhibition of the Institute for Survival Through Design’s “The Architecture of Richard and Dion Neutra, The View from Inside.” We have received and evaluated your application, gallery conditions, and insurance coverage, which are hereby accepted.

1. Payment. This will confirm your reservation and your agreement for a loan fee payment of $500 for your showing of this exhibition.

2. Agreement. Enclosed is a simple form that will act as our mutual agreement in regards to this event. Please remit the retainer payment of $500 at the time you return a signed copy of the Agreement. Your final payment, for the balance of the loan fee, should be made at the time you return your checklist on receipt of the exhibition materials.

3. Catalog and Flyer. Download our ‘Traveling Exhibition‘ PDF, which serves as the Exhibition catalog with introduction and background of the show, learning objectives for viewing, and a
questionnaire for use by parties completing continuing education requirements* in conjunction with visiting the show. You are invited to download this information and reproduce as many copies as you’ll
need. We enclose a copy of this flyer as it should appear when you download it. [*For AIA members returning the questionnaire to USC for CE units, note that the current address for USC is: USC; Watt Hall 204; Los Angeles, CA; 90089-0291.]

You will note that the flyer has been designed to be printed on a standard sheet and folded in thirds. It can be used as a mailer by affixing labels to the blank panel with postage. Please let us know if you have any difficulty retrieving this material in proper format from the Web.

There is a place in the first panel for you to insert particulars of your venue, such as name and dates during which the show will be at your facility [an example is part of the download]. We visualize
that you might put this information on an appropriately sized label that you can paste into the space provided on top of the sample text. You should plan to make whatever extra copies of the flyer you estimate
might be needed for the run of the show, and start out by placing copies in the supplied dispenser to be mounted on the wall or placed close to the entry to the show.

We’d appreciate your sending us a copy of this flyer as you finally edit it for your venue, along with any publicity that is published in conjunction with the appearance of the exhibition at your site.

4. Insurance. Please supply us with a certificate of insurance naming this Institute as additional insured, as soon as possible. Value of materials being shipped; $5,000. Please be sure the coverage
is in effect door to door between venues, and while on display at your facility.

We look forward to receiving back the Checklist.
enclosed with the shipment, once you’ve verified the condition and completeness of the shipment.

Dion Neutra

Dion Neutra, Architect, Executive Consultant
Institute for Survival Through Design
2440 Neutra Place
Los Angeles, CA 90039
Phone/Fax: 323.666.1806 www.neutra.org