Exhibit Page Welcome Agreement Checklist Installation & Demounting

III. ‘View from Inside’ — Installation and Demounting

1. Travel Crate. This container should be stored together
with the packing materials for the videotape, dispenser, screws, packing
materials, and top in a secure storage facility for re-use after show

2. Panels. There are 29 full-size panels supplied, which have
been numbered in the suggested mounting order to best explain the
content of the show. Panels should be placed so as to suggest a preferred
route for the visitor to follow. Panel 30 should be mounted somewhere
close to the video monitor. The videotape or DVD should be set to run continuously
and hopefully auto-rewind, for VHS, when it finishes so that it doesn’t require
too close supervision. Panel 31 is intended to be wall mounted or
placed near the flyer dispenser at the entrance of the show.

It is suggested that the panels be re-packed in numerical order,
face down, when replaced in the crate. Place the corrugated cardboard
spacer on top of the panels, then the other materials in the remaining
void, using the supplied or extra packing materials to keep items
from rattling around within this void. No tape here, please.

3. Mounting. Mounting holes on panel corners have been supplied.
These should work for drywall installation without special provisions.
Be careful not to over-tighten screws or strain holes. Placement of
the panels is up to you, but it is suggested that the tops be lined
up at about 6′ 8″ from the floor, and at least 12-24″ allowed between
them. In cases where you wish to mount on masonry or concrete, you’ll
have to pre-drill and supply anchors for screws. Be careful not to
scratch panel surfaces. Wipe them down as necessary.

4. Demounting. Reverse the above procedure; repack all the
materials, being especially careful not to misplace any items. Use
the supplied checklist in reverse to be sure everything has been accounted

Place the large panels carefully into the crate face down, in numerical
order, being careful not to scratch the surfaces. You should count
29 large panels, plus the smaller Panel 30. Place the cardboard spacer.
Insert Panel 31 into the flyer dispenser. Place the videotape and/or DVD into their wraps. Place the instruction envelope/sleeve
with screw envelope into the void, followed by crumpled paper or bubble-wrap
to steady the contents.

5. Report. If there is any damage or loss of materials to
report, please communicate the details to us by e-mail immediately
( so that the next
venue is not held responsible for loss.

6. Re-mailing. Using the carrier specified, with the insurance
coverage specified, ship to the next venue or back to us here, as
agreed. Time to arrive at the date agreed upon