Exhibit Page Welcome Agreement Checklist Installation & Demounting

II. ‘View From Inside’ Checklist

The following items comprise the traveling version of the ‘View From Inside’ Exhibition. Please start by placing checkmarks next to the items in order as the crate is unpacked and note any damage to an item, or missing items:

  1. Shipping crate complete with removable top. Please place the six screws in the envelope provided, and save the screws, cover, and crate for re-packing.
  2. 31 panels: 29 24×42; 2 smaller ones; one for video; the other for the flyers. One sheet corrugated cardboard 24×36. See list below for titles and sequence of panels.
  3. One VHS videotape, in its sleeve. One DVD in its carrier. Both have the same content.
  4. One flyer dispenser for wall or desk mounting.
  5. Packing and padding materials to stabilize crate contents.
    Please save for reuse.
  6. One (1) envelope/sleeve containing two (2) documents: a copy of this checklist and instructions for installation and demounting of show.
  7. Two (2) envelopes for screws: One empty envelope to hold shipping screws after opening crate (see #1 above); one envelope containing four (4) temporary screws to hold crate together while exhibit is in use.

Circle the number for each item to indicate that it has been checked and OK’d. Test-run the video. Then please date the checklist and fax it back to us as soon as possible, so that we can address any missing or damaged items.

If this form is not completed and returned within a week of receipt of the materials, it will be assumed that all items have been received in good order with no noticeable damage or discrepancy. Please do fax us in any case at 323.666.1806, and save your copy for your files.

Note that the envelope/sleeve with Items 6 must be kept as you received it for the next venue. For your venue, either duplicate the sheets or use the images available on our Web site. Remember how the items were packed in the crate and replace them in the same order when you re-ship. Apply your shipping label over the old one, or remove residue and then apply your label in the same area of the crate.

Contents of Crate inventoried and condition noted above. Form returned on [Date]:

Exhibition Panels

1. Show Title 17. Swiss Chalet
2. Is Architecture Primarily Visual? 18. Principle 4: Flexibility of Life Style
3. Principle 1: User Oriented Design 19. Experience a Neutra Space
4. Research House I, II 20. Urban In-Fill
5. Neutra as Artist – Renderer I 21. Neutra as Artist – Traveler I
6. Neutra as Artist-Renderer II 22. Neutra as Artist – Traveler II
7. What IS Architecture? 23. Principle 5: N. Architecture Takes Time
8. Principle 2: N. A. Is Restoring Man to Nature 24. Architecture and Health
9. Landscape Ideas, Well Conceived 25. Health
10. Enrich Living Environments 26. Last of an Era
11. Man-Nature Connection 27. Ideas for Commemoration – Silverlake
12. International Style 28. Currently Available Books – Neutras
13. Principle 3: Architecture Is An Applied Art 29. What Is Architecture?
14. Park Penetrates Building! 30. Video
15. Larger Public Structures 31. Take One
16. Context: Public School in L.A.

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