Friends & Supporters

This section brings together our most gifted and influential supporters to the Neutra Institute for Survival Through Design from around the world. The Who’s Who database includes the names of a distinguished group of men and women that has made possible the Neutra legacy in the past and for future generations with their outstanding achievements..

Tom Blanchard
Lauren Bricker
Devin Colman
Mary Cordaro
Charlotte Croson
Vaughan Davies
Debra DiCandilo
Wayne Donaldson
Ian Glidden
Karen Hannah
Buzz Hays
Josh Hong
Jeff Hradec
Ted Leutzinger
Michael Locke
Christine Madrid French
Ken McCown
Reuben McDavid
Judy McKee
Lorri McMillan
Ruta Miller
Raymond Neutra
Nick Neutra
Chris Nichols
Cindy Olnick
Phil Otto
Catherine Peppard
Helga Prokitsch
Victor Regnier
Adam Relin
Mark Rozzo
Julius Shulman
Lynn Smart
Peter Smith
Erika Stanley
Richard Stanley
Richard Starzak
Victoria Steele
Aaron Winer
Tony Wren
Margarita Wuellner
Bernard Zimmerman

The above list is not complete yet and it is being compiled at the present moment. If you feel your name should be included, please nominate yourself for considerations and further review by the Neutra Institute. Contact Dion Neutra.