Board of Directors

Raymond Neutra


Dr. Neutra is the youngest son of Richard Neutra. After a public health career in environmental medicine and epidemiology at several universities and the California Department of Public Health he has been drawn back to the legacy of his father and brother. He has been active in the preservation of the Neutra VDL Studio and Residences and several other Neutra projects. He is an “ambassador” for the Iconic House Network and has written scholarly articles on his father’s career. In addition to preservation, he endorses the Neutra commitment to socially and ecologically responsible design inspired by evidence.

Rochelle Hayes Neutra headshot


Vice President
As a clinician, Rochelle has worked with low-income and underserved communities in the SF Bay Area and split her time between advocacy, direct patient care in safety-net clinics and clinical research. She served as the Medical Clinic Director at the Native American Health Center in SF and conducted NIH sponsored research at UC San Francisco and UC Berkeley. Most recently she has served on boards and advisory committees for nonprofits and is interested in the intersection between health, design and architecture. As an undergraduate, she studied Language and Cultural Studies at UC Santa Cruz and obtained a master’s degree in Nursing at UCSF.

Greg Neutra headshot


Greg Neutra is a son of Dion Neutra and the oldest grandson of Richard Neutra. Although it was revealed in early aptitude tests that architecture was in his blood,  Greg chose a different path and ended up in the record and home video businesses in Los Angeles. After moving to New Mexico in 1985 he met his second wife Joni in Madrid; a small former coal-mining town outside of Santa Fe. He worked with The Pecos River Learning Centers for some years; both as an IT person and as a programmer for software used in their corporate team-building and leadership training. Currently Greg is a computer consultant specializing in Apple products. He is semi-retired and splits his time between Santa Fe and El Tuito, Mexico where he and Joni spend their winters. He has two children; Max & Sophie and granddaughter Zoey. He is committed to help in shepherding the Neutra legacy and all the other possibilities of the Neutra Institute.

Nick Neutra headshot


Nick is Dion Neutra’s youngest son. Starting with a career in music and audio he heads up his own company Post Creations, a recording facility where Foley Artists & Mixers create sounds for feature films and TV.  He is committed to seeing the realization of his father’s dream and bequest to the Neutra Institute for Survival Through Design.

Lynn Smart headshot


Lynn Smart was married to Dion Neutra during the last fifteen years of his life. She worked as a child development specialists at the Braile Institute and other programs. She is committed to see her husbands vision for the institute put into place.

Sian Winship headshot


An architectural historian, marketing researcher, and writer, Sian specializes in modern architecture and cultural history. As President of the Society of Architectural Historians/ Southern California Chapter, she has curated numerous architectural tours and events. She is the author of the award-winning Japanese American Historic Context for SurveyLA, a contributing author to the book William Krisel’s Palm Springs, and numerous successful National Register Nominations.She is currently the recipient of the 2019-2020 Friends of Residential Treasures (FORT) Fellowship. A two-time graduate of USC, she obtained a degree in Business and a Master’s in Historic Preservation.

Haig Fisher headshot


I am the step grandson of Richard Neutra.  My mother married Dion Neutra in 1964 when I was 8 years old.  Although I don’t have the Neutra bloodline, I definitely have the spirit as I grew up in a Neutra home and down the street from Richard and Dione themselves.

My childhood and upbringing revolved around architecture as most of our family activities were related to Neutra buildings, homes, clients, and trips.  I had the good fortune of watching many projects unfolds in the 60’s as I used to do my schoolwork in the Neutra office building with all the architects working around me.

In 1996, I started my business, Trademarks, Etc.  I help companies and entrepreneurs trademark their company names, logos, and slogans.

Mike Gibson headshot


Mike is a lawyer, architectural historian, and preservationist. He has practiced law in Southern California for more than thirty-five years, specializing in business and real estate transactions. He currently serves as an officer and director of the Society of Architectural Historians and the Charnley-Persky House Museum Foundation, and as a trustee of the California Preservation Foundation. As an independent scholar, Mike’s fields of interest include regional architectural traditions, and sacred architecture and landscapes. His article surveying Catholic church design in post-war suburban Los Angeles was recently published as part of the edited collection Modernism and American Mid-20th Century Sacred Architecture. Mike holds professional degrees in law from UCLA and heritage conservation from USC.