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Neutra Firm LogoOn behalf of Dion Neutra and the Neutra Institute for Survival Through Design, we are proud to present the following services and information for your consideration. These services are the culmination and condensation of the works of a great architecture firm, the Richard and Dion Neutra Architecture, which for 90 years has studied the remarkable relationship of man-nature-architecture elements through the wisdom of Survival Through Design tempered by the experience of the principal’s teaching at the Bauhaus and two lifetimes of practice since. The profundity of the practice of Richard and Dion Neutra, by advice and example, illustrates an effective portrait of the ideal architect. He/she must be born with some talent, as must a musician or singer. This talent then needs to be developed, measured, enlarged, executed and perfected through expert training and applications by practice in the field.

We believe these precious moments created by the Neutra firm reverberate by striking an intellectual spark in the work of new architectural companies and creating a dynamic atmosphere that has not been created in the past. Our seminal task is to liberate the creative forces and thereby the artistic talent of students in architecture as well as to present the new commercial principles of environmental design, fashion and architecture. What we can use is a great teacher or role model who could guide us through the turbulence and chaos of the era. I believe the Richard and Dion Neutra Architecture fulfills that position to awaken the principles of experience, perception and practical ability in our routine daily work.

The Comprehensive Summary of Projects illustrates all-embracing “Gesamtwerk” (life) principles which eliminate human isolation, as well as individual accomplishments proceeding from biological necessities and culminating in universal need.

Activate communication and marketing with visual concepts that inform, educate and persuade. The Neutra Institute for Survival Through Design offers a modern, cost-effective service which allows real estate, architects and contractors, and construction products manufacturing companies to promote innovative visual strategies for printing and web. We combine practical knowledge to turn your products or services into visual messages that your customers read and buy.

After consulting with the client, a creative director or a product development team create a functional and appealing visual message that will be competitive with others in the marketplace. We consider cognitive, cultural, physical and social factors in planning and executing designs appropriate for a given context. Our services use computer software to develop the overall layout and production design of your product or service in specialized architecture magazines, newspapers, journals, corporate reports, and other publications. Services are also available in the Spanish language.

Our interior design services enhance the function, safety, and quality of interior spaces of private homes, public buildings, and business or institutional facilities, such as offices, restaurants, retail establishments, hospitals, hotels, and theaters. We also plan the interiors of existing structures that are undergoing renovation or expansion.

Most of our services are specialized. For example, some may concentrate on residential design and research of environmental construction products, while others focus on business design and functional ergonomics. Still others may be specialized further by focusing on particular rooms, such as kitchens, baths or children's rooms. With a client’s tastes, needs, and budget in mind, we prepare drawings and specifications for non-load-bearing interior construction, furnishings, lighting, and finishes. Our services are first surveyed to plan layouts with computer-aided software making it easy to change plans to include ideas received from the client.

We also design and analyze lighting and architectural details—such as crown molding, built-in bookshelves, or cabinets—coordinate colors, and select minimalist and functional furniture, floor coverings, and window treatments. We design space to conform to Federal, State, and local laws, including building codes. Designs for public areas also meet accessibility standards for the disabled and the elderly.

Fashion design is the appreciation of cosmopolitan culture, sophistication and aesthetics. For 2006, the Neutra Institute will establish a Neutra fashion collection in Hollywood to create a point-of-sale consistent with the minimalist style of the Neutra firm. We will select a few fashion designers to work with us initially. To inquire how designers or manufacturing goods companies can license products of interest under the Neutra label, please write to the Neutra Institute.

Creativity is crucial in our design and architecture occupations. People in this field must have a strong sense of the esthetic—an eye for color and detail, a sense of balance and proportion, and an appreciation for beauty. Through our Neutra Bauhaus workshops, students and professional designers develop excellent communication and problem-solving skills. Despite the advancement of computer-aided design, sketching ability remains an important advantage in most types of design, especially in industrial design. Through several workshops, participants plan a good portfolio—a collection of examples of a person’s best work—which is often the deciding factor in getting a job.

To register for a workshop, we require that the participant be engaged in some formal training or has received training available in 2- and 3-year professional schools that award certificates or associate degrees in industrial design or architecture. All workshop participants receive a certificate of completion from the Neutra Institute.

To get more information about the services, please contact Dion Neutra,

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