Projects in the Works


2000-01: 75th Anniversary Reunion: Institute sponsors a celebration for the
75th anniversary of the founding of the Neutra firm in LA,as well as Dion’s personal birthday in 1926.

To commemorate these occasions original clients, new owners, contractors,
draftspersons, and others with a connection to the Neutra firm are
invited. To be held Sunday, April 8, and Monday, October 8, 2001

2000-02: Lost Neutra Project: Photos of existing conditions

2000-03: Student Scholarship Program

2001-01: Documentary Film: recordation of the 75th anniversary reunion.

2001-02: Preservation Strategies

2001-03 Institute Membership Roster: E- and S-mail

2001-04: Institute E-Zine Project Newsletter

2001-05: JPL Article Article on the Futuristic CAD program.

2001-06: Patients’ REAL Bill of Rights Access to alternative medical options.

The purpose of this project is to get passed in congress two pieces of legislation:

Access to Medical Treatment Act AMTA Statutory right of use of unapproved drugs and devices.

Health Freedom of Choice Act HFCA Prohibits FDA from exercising jurisdiction over products which are equal to or less toxic than aspirin.

The belief is that with passage of these acts, the playing field would be leveled to allow competition by non-toxic therapies with the current monopoly by drug and equipment manufacturing companies who offer patients only toxic therapies within ‘Official Medicine’.