Post Kronish Deadline Update

As we pass the 30 day allocation of the Kronish’s borrowed time, I thought I’d post something, if only to let people know I’m still thinking about this. There IS some activity brewing behind that shrouded gate, but I’m sworn to secrecy like everyone else. At least to my knowledge the house still stands back there. I’ve continued to offer my services.

I was disappointed in the matter of the VDL crosswalk, not to get a promised letter of support from the State Office of Preservation in time for a neighborhood council meeting that convened last Monday. The result of that was the group has sent an inquiry to the city for more information. Meanwhile this offense continues; ugly as ever.

Looking to our new initiative, we’re off and running with the Neutra Office Building!

Join with others to sign our current petition in favor of this program and donate to encourage the participation of the wealthiest of our community to put this program over the top!

Consider signing the Kronish petition yet again, or get your friends to do so, we need to keep the pressure on!