Kronish/VDL Update

As we pass 70 days of Kronish’s borrowed time, I thought I’d post, if only to let people know I’m still thinking about this, and for “no news is good news”! There must be some activity brewing behind that shrouded gate, but I’m STILL as much in the dark as everyone else. At least to my knowledge the house still stands back there. My offer to be of service is still hanging ‘out there’. Continue to sign that petition if only to show continued interest and support?

In the matter of the VDL crosswalk, I finally got the promised letter of support from the State Office of Preservation; thanks so much Wayne! I’ve resubmitted everything yet again, and have since gotten about 75 signatures on a petition urging the moderated version of this crosswalk; no poles, lights, or buttons! Councilman Garcetti, as a potential Mayor, here is a chance to show leadership! After this is accomplished and a trial period experienced, we can always consider embedded lights in the pavement and a button. It’s all just money.

Looking to our new initiative, we’re off and running with the Neutra Office Building! Another petition to sign!

Let’s all join on the eve of Christmas to give thanks for what we’ve accomplished, and still hope to! Stay tuned!

Have a good one, everyone!