Kronish Update 26

This evening saw an ending to our valiant effort to repurpose the Kronish to a public purpose; the Neutra Center. The political will was no longer there to buy out the mysterious secret buyers who closed escrow on the house at 12.8M last week. At the council meeting, time was given to the attorney who had represented the Soda partners, who grossed over 2M in the transaction. He lauded the council for its role in the salvation of the house, along with the patience of his clients. Everyone congratulated each other with this success. My favorite councilman, John Mirisch, even managed to mention my role and interest in working with the new owners.

I want to thank all those from all over the world, who tried with me to elevate this house to a nobler purpose, and who donated to this cause. In the end we got over 1100 signatures and about as many dollars towards our goals of 1M and 16M. While we fell short on both counts, we did manage to raise public awareness, which you could say resulted in the City’s adoption of a Mills Act program, progress towards a Preservation Ordinance, and, at least so far, in the salvation of this icon, however private it may now become. That it still stands now on borrowed time has to be counted as a success!

Let the new owners know that I stand ready to work with them; realizing that they will need to put their own stamp on this, but hopefully in some sort of harmony with that which they have inherited. I’m not a purist; give me a chance?