Kronish Update 24

Saturday, October 8 was declared by City Council resolution, ‘Dion Neutra Day in Los Angeles’ on the occasion of my 85th birthday! It was a lovely honor and tribute, which I take as some recognition for the preservation efforts I’ve mounted over these past many years. As we celebrate my birthday with family, the fate of Kronish looms.

Neutra Day

As Armageddon looms, it appears that the city of Beverly Hills will sit on its hands rather than step up to the plate and rescue the Kronish for a public purpose. What a tragedy for preservation and for architectural history. Will this be recorded as ‘Rancho Mirage all over again’? As we write this, it is still not known whether some private party may be considering saving and restoring this icon. Even so, behind that gate; no one will know what has happened to the Kronish, unless these stewards choose to open their property on special occasions. I look forward to working with such parties; my door is open.

If the worst happens, we’re also hoping to have the opportunity to salvage certain portions as well as video the destruction. Can the owners please let us know what we should be prepared to do as soon as possible? We’re turning off our count-down clock; we’ve failed to rally the help we’d hoped for. No one can say we didn’t get a chance! Far from the 15M, we hoped to raise, I think we just topped $1000, which will be used to defray some of the expenses and will help on other Institute projects. We thank those who contributed from the bottom of our hearts; it was good effort. Don’t know what we could have done better. We’ll leave the donation function operational for the use of you who want to support the institute or join with a $15 donation. I would encourage people to continue to add their names to the petition until we know the final chapter of this sad saga.

On the VDL crosswalk; no word. I’ve been swamped with other matters. Hope to follow up next week and let you know.