Kronish Update 23

Guess what; we’ve blasted thru the 1000 mark in our petition! Keep up that good work; sign again in if you haven’t already!

Have you been flooding the city of BH with letters? WE’RE STILL NOT OUT OF THE WOODS! Absent any definitive word on the progress of the mysterious parties who are supposedly checking this out, we can not assume the best!

Did you hear that the Kronish won the Wall Street Journal HOUSE OF LAST WEEK competition? Great approbation, considering it was the only modernist candidate being voted upon. Thanks to those of you who supported there. You can check out the images and page about Kronish here – WSJ House of the Day and our winning percentage here (you’ll have to click back to “View Previous Polls”).

PLEASE WRITE ANOTHER OF THOSE B.H. LETTERS asap – form E letter – The next council meeting is THIS Tuesday the 4th. It’s absolutely our last chance to HOLD THE CITY’S FEET TO THE FIRE and shame them into jumping in and advancing the funds needed to rescue this project for the PUBLIC PURPOSE we’re advocating; ‘The Neutra Center in Beverly Hills’!!!!

Get your friends to follow suit as well. If you’re in the LA area, plan to pack the Council Chambers at the Rexford Ave. BH city hall starting at 7:00, Tuesday, the 4th. If we could get a 1000 letters and 100 people to show, it could be decisive.