General Update

As we pass 45 days of Kronish’s borrowed time, I thought I’d GIVE THANKS, if only to let people know I’m still thinking about this, and for “no news is good news”! There must be some activity brewing behind that shrouded gate, but I’m as much in the dark as everyone else. At least to my knowledge the house still stands back there. My offer to be of service is still hanging ‘out there’. Continue to sign that petition if only to show continued interest?

I was disappointed in the matter of the VDL crosswalk, not to get a promised letter of support from the State Office of Preservation in time for a neighborhood council meeting that convened that Monday. How about it, Wayne, it’s not too late! The last I heard was that was the group has sent an inquiry to the city for more information. Apparently people are concerned about the cost of making any changes. Meanwhile this offense continues; ugly as ever. What’s new is that I’ve started gathering signatures on a hard petition form that I hope to submit. It will serve as evidence that there are others besides myself that are offended by this apparent gesture of disrespect by one department of the City to the others effort at preservation.

Looking to our new initiative, we’re off and running with the Neutra Office Building! Another petition to sign!

Let’s all join on the eve of Thanksgiving to give thanks for what we’ve accomplished, and still hope to!

Have a good one, everyone!