General Update

It’s been a busy week; time for an up date. We’ve offered to work with the new owners of Kronish on their terms; still trying to find out who they are. Until the new course is set, this house is still living on borrowed time. I continue to gather evidence to present to the councilman, that a remodel of the crosswalk is desired in front of VDL; a lower key version on an adjacent busy highway is our model. No lights, buttons or poles.

We now shift our intensions to the future of the Neutra office Building in Silver Lake. The idea is to shift the title to the Los Angeles Museum of Art, LACMA, to enable them to better serve the Eastern Part of the county; ‘LACMA EAST’, aka ‘The Neutra Center in Silver Lake’. This building survives since 1950 as the only authentic example of Neutra Commercial design. It has potentially open space in front for gallery use, with two apartments at the rear, one for a curator, the other for visiting dignitaries to the region.

A partnership with another such museum is also a possibility.

Start by signing our current petition in favor of this program and donate to encourage the participation of the wealthiest of our community to put this program over the top!