Dion’s consulting philosophy

Coming from a half century of exposure to the projects of Richard and Dion Neutra, architects, I have a unique view on this body of work now emerging as ‘collectibles.’

As a current owner, prospective or recent acquirer of such a project, how may I be of service to you? First, I would hope you appreciate the rarity and quality of the ‘icon’ you hope to, or now, possess. You CARE about its preservation and conservation. You may face issues of adaptation of your new environment to today’s needs. There are unusual installations which seem hard to maintain. You wish you had a resource to help you make the myriad decisions needed to keep your project viable and in good shape.

Enter, Dion Neutra, architect son and partner of Richard, continuing the Neutra Practice on into the 21st Century. I offer a free consultation to start the relationship; drop me an E!

I started my training as a young lad of 11 in my dad’s office. After extensive exposure to projects during my growing up years and high school, I graduated cum laude from USC, attending the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology architecture program in Zurich during my junior year. Upon graduation I went to work full time for and with my dad, becoming president of the company in 1970 when he died. By then, this was after over a quarter century of personal collaboration and first-hand involvement with most of the projects done from the 1940s on. I have continued the practice on my own until the present day. I retain the exclusive ability to access most of the original documentation of these projects, so that authentic reference back to the source is available in most cases.

My current interest, and principal focus, is to work on the preservation and adaptation of Neutra projects with a view to conserving as many of these icons as possible in the face of their attrition in the name of progress and change. I have lived to see a substantial portion of the hundreds of works that actually got built, either destroyed completely, remodeled so extensively as to lose much of their semblance to their original quality, or subjected to the ego trip of architects who claimed to be able to divine ‘what the Neutras would have done’ to resolve whatever new owners needed to accommodate their needs.

My hope would be to be engaged by owners who care about the Neutra they have acquired to where they would at least want to HEAR what the ‘SOURCE’ would say to the question, “What would Richard Neutra have done to this building to adapt it to the new situation?”

My preference would be to be retained BEFORE other architects are on the scene. Once the scope of work is clarified, I would work with you to select a supportive local professional who would undertake the actual documentation and site observation of the work being done, with support by me from time to time.

New owners often come complete with their favorite architect. I would like to be placed in a situation where I would occupy a position of some trust with you to where I could help advise how best to tackle the problems you see in dealing with your new acquisition. Once an approach is selected, I’d like an opportunity to work along with whoever is on-site to make comments on decisions being made with a view to retaining as much as possible the original Neutra integrity. Let me help you retain the title ‘designed by Neutra’ for your project.

Please give me a call as early as possible, and let’s consult on what could be done with your Neutra project!