General Update

Last chance to sign on for tomorrow Saturday’s bash! If we promise not to ask you for a donation, would you grace the festivities with your presence? RSVP? We hope to have a computer set up to where you can sign the growing petition if you can’t get around to it before.

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Kronish/VDL update

As the ‘village’ commemorates the 10th anniversary commemorations of 9/11, I take note that we’ve just passed the mid point of our efforts to save Kronish. We’re now on the final path to Armageddon in less than 30 days! I’ve yet to get the feeling that we’ve succeeded in our efforts to go viral with this campaign. The actual contributions have now topped the $1,000 mark; a far cry from the $16M we said wed need. Some 350 people have signed our petition; again, short of the 1,000,000 I was hoping for. WHAT CAN WE DO?

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Kronish Update 22

We had a great break in the Mountains. On the final night I had a great dream; we’d topped the $16M mark and counting! I even started to figure out what other worthy projects we might be able to fund on top of the Kronish!

I had also had an inspiration in response to someone at camp who asked me to encapsulate our project in a simple acronym. I came up with ‘Networking for Neutra’ or NFN! How about this scenario? It’ll take a “village” to solve this one!

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Kronish Update 21 – VLOG

Our first Video Blog! I hope this short video will be shared by all and that it can aid in our continued goal of “viral” status. Please continue to help spread the word and encorage others to donate.

Please use the following, shortened, URL link to share this video –

Kronish Update 20

Made a point late yesterday to measure more closely where the offending pole, now replete with part of its adornments could be moved, if it can’t be eliminated altogether. Between 42′ and 45′ looks possible considering the trees and storm sewer installations nearby. In lieu the horrific pole, a slim 5′ high post with a pushbutton would be acceptable.

Why couldn’t this whole crosswalk be one that only features flashing lights embedded in the pavement instead of these intrusive poles on all sides of the street. I feel like I should photograph this again with all the poles in place; it’s a forest!

Monday morning I was interviewed for a feature of Wall Street Journal, called ‘House of the Week’. The Kronish was featured and I was told if enough people voted for it, it would get even more coverage! As soon as it is published I will share a link for you to register your vote! And don’t forget to use our new link to share our new discrete donate page to save this icon!

I made a presentation yesterday eve at the Modcom meeting which started by trying to save Ed Fickett’s West Hollywood Library, which was slated for demolition. I wrote a support letter. After that there was the hope that something could be done about the offending pole at VDL, plus more support for Kronish.

At the moment, all we can think of, is an appearance at a Heritage Commission Meeting.

Kronish Update 19

Lots of activity. A couple of what seem like likely private prospects showing interest, with one of which I may meet on the site today. Made me realize that we should also have an alternate Neutra Center Plan in case this one doesn’t work out. We have so many other worthy preservation plans as well, we hope everyone will continue to help us reach our 15M goal in time. Note the new countdown display keeping track of the days left to doomsday.

We continue to explore ways to go viral with this appeal. A YouTube video is now in production.

Again very good ideas surfacing from volunteers; thanks so much! As of 11/11, and counting, we had only 58 days left!

Kronish Update 18

Word has reached me that the owners or others, may have taken umbrage with some of what has appeared in these entries. If that is so, I apologize. No disrespect was intended. On the contrary, in my mind, everything I’ve been doing has been directed to find a way to take this property off their hands with a profit. I continue in that spirit.

Yesterday, a couple of what would seem to be serious private parties have asked me how they can gain access. One even went on to wonder how control can be created such that any restorations would be done under my supervision so as to ensure authenticity. For that I would be grateful. I’ve referred them to the listing agent, and offered to show up at a showing.

Several other variations of Plan R, have come up, which I’m fleshing out with the parties as we speak. A number of new volunteers have surfaced with excellent ideas. The Village is starting to wake up! Remember; you can CONTRIBUTE!

Kronish Update 17

Very busy weekend; maybe you noticed. Big article in the LA Times, Saturday morning. I laid it on the table for our big meeting. 15 people showed up; about our max. Good diversity, discussion, and promises of action on most of the 15 tasks that I’d outlined, including how to go viral with this message; stay tuned.

Among others, I wrote a letter to the HOME section of the Times with copy to the NY Times. Also one to the World Monument Fund, and the county Library here, LACMA appealing for help. Donations have started to snow in; we’re on our way. Several people are researching how to reach the big bux folk with proven records of magnanimity. Others are contacting school of architecture, TV and Radio media contacts, print and electronic blogs and media, as well as social media of all types. If you have contacts in any of these areas, please chip in and spread the word.

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Kronish Update 16

As this momentous week comes to the end for most, I’m planning a big get-together at my home studio tomorrow, Saturday the 6th at 2pm. The purpose is to brainstorm on how to go VIRAL with the outreach and fund raising to where we contact 50M people of whom we hope at least 30M will donate $5 or more! At some level we hope to attract matching grants and big bux people to sweeten the pot even more!

We have about 60 days to raise $15-20M. If the whole “village” out there can be contacted and a case made for the salvation of the “last Neutra in BH” in favor of open use for this spectacular project, we’ll have achieved National History in the area of preservation by popular support! Note the difference in this approach vs. just sitting back and hoping.

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