12 Qualities and Characteristics of Neutra’s Work

12 Qualities and Characteristics of Neutra’s Work
(From ARCH 322, Great Houses of Los Angeles, Lecturer: Prof. Victor A. Regnier, FAIA, University of Southern California, School of Architecture, 2003.)

1. Modernist Look – (appearance)

  • Flat roof
  • Stucco and glass materials

2. Inside-Outside Relationships

  • Nurtured and developed in many different ways
  • Courtyards, roof tops, sliding glass walls, edge spaces

3. Built-in Furniture

  • Controlling room design and use — beds, cabinets, bookshelves
  • Making it easier to use and clean

4. Use of Industrial/Experimental Materials

  • Lots of types — steel, plywood, diatomaceous materials, commercial type applications, masonite

5. Concern for Human Fit (personal and environmental linkage)

  • Occupant interviews
  • House fits pattern of living — could cause a divorce through “faulty” design

6. Transparency and Reflectivity — (VDL House)

  • View nature from a protected setting
  • Mirrors reflect views of courtyards and the landscape

7. Nature and Landscape

  • Water, plants, edge spaces, trees
  • Minimalist ethic — not just lush landscaping

8. Design with Climate

  • Overhangs, cross ventilation, HVAC works

9. Ribbon Windows (around perimeter)

  • Roof is separated from the wall below

10. Dramatic Stair Connections

  • Between floors – always opened up – aware of where you are going
  • Celebrated as part of the sequence

11. Low Maintenance (ease of living)

  • Easy to clean
  • Taste, imagination, “element of practicality”

12. Minimalist Detailing (simple and elegant)

  • Landscaping
  • Lack of door trim
  • Bases/coves — very simple