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The Neutra Institute for Survival Through Design Student Packages

(Rev. 11/21/07). The Institute now offers student packages with reproductions taken from original project documents. In some cases the quality of reproduction is not ideal; but in most cases the drawings are roughly to scale, so missing information can be inferred or imputed.

With that understanding, and the fact that this information is not available in any other way for comparable cost, we believe these packages offer a good value as well as a source of enjoyment for anybody taking a deep interest in Neutra architecture. Please read also disclaimer.

Conditions of Use

Before ordering, please read and agree to the following conditions:

  1. These drawings are strictly for student study use and may not be used to construct, modify, maintain, or upgrade any part of an actual building.

  2. These documents cannot be shared with any other student or class. Single-user license. Since the Institute depends on income from these sales to sustain its Web site and render the other services it offers, each use must stand on its own. Other students must order their own copies.

By ordering a student package, you agree to these conditions.


  Item Prices Shipping, Handling, Processing Fees
On-line orders* $60 per item

Within the US: $15 per item
($10 shipping/handling + $5 credit-card processing)

Outside the US: $40 per item
($35 shipping/handling + $5 credit-card processing)

Mail orders

1-2 sets: $60
3 sets: $55 each
4+ sets: $50 each (if shipped to one address)

Within the US: $10 for first item; $7 for each additional item

Outside the US: $35 per order

* PayPal now offers a shopping-cart feature which enables you to add items at will.

We do not charge sales tax, since we are a nonprofit organization.

How to Order


You can order on-line with a credit card using PayPal -- simply click on the Neutra 100 logo next to each item you'd like to purchase.

Our most popular items have on-line ordering for both U.S. and international shipments. If you'd like to order an item for shipment outside the U.S. that does not have international shipping specified, please notify Dion Neutra by e-mail at

After quickly setting up a free user account with PayPal, you'll make your purchase, then return to this page to continue shopping. If you'd like to purchase another item, you won't need to re-enter any new I.D. information, just add the items to your shopping cart.

By mail

Simply print out our order form (PDF format; free Adobe Acrobat Reader required) and add your requests in the blank lines provided, on the back of the form, or on a separate note. Then mail the completed form with a check or money order to the Institute as instructed on the form. Allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.

PLEASE READ DISCLAIMER. This service, which is designed for the convenience of students doing research on the selected project. is set up to utilize the US Mail, first class service. Packages are picked up directly from the Institute offices rather than taken to a post office. As such there is no tracking or return card possible. The Institute can not be responsible.nor will refunds be offered, for unreasonable delays due to the U S Postal service. Typically a week is sufficient for shipment to arrive from date mailed, plus weekends if involved. There have been cases when this was doubled. Anyone availing themselves of this service accepts these limitations and conditions.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at you for your interest and support!

— Dion Neutra

Lovell Health House, Los Angeles

  • 3 Composite Sheets with 10 Original Working Drawing Sheets, reproduced at 1/2 size [1/8 scale]
  • Plans, including Roof
  • Elevations, some Sections
  • Information about Plot Plan and Garage Building

Kaufmann Desert House, Palm Springs

  • 3 Sheets: Floor Plan 1/8
  • Elevations/Sections 1/8
  • Plot and Roof Plan 1/8 and 1/4

Tremaine House, Montecito

[original documents showing two-story scheme]

  • 4 Sheets: Composite Floor Plan/Elevations 1/8
  • 2nd Floor Plan 1/4
  • Elevations showing 2nd Floor 1/8; Sections 1/4

VDL II, The Richard and Dion Neutra Research House, Los Angeles

  • 5 Sheets [all at 1/4]
  • Plans
  • Sections
  • Elevations

Oxley House, La Jolla, CA

[typical example of 1950s moderate-sized Neutra house]

  • 4 Sheets [all at 1/4]
  • Site and Roof Plan
  • Sections; Floor Plan
  • Elevations

Scheimer House, Tarzana, CA

[the most water-oriented Neutra house built by Dion; 1970s]

  • 5 Sheets: Site and Contour Plan 1‰=20'
  • Pool Plan 1/8
  • Sections A-C
  • Sections D-J 1/4
  • Elevations 1/8

Huntington Beach Library and Cultural Resource Center, Huntington Beach, CA

[first phase designed by Dion and completed 1975]

  • 6 Half-Sized Sheets [all at 1/16‰ scale or less]
  • Site and Contour Plan
  • Ramp
  • Plans
  • Elevations/Sections

Von Sternberg House, Chatsworth, CA

[demolished in 1972]

  • 3 Sheets [1/4 scale]
  • Floor Plans and Sections
  • Elevations would need to be inferred from publications

Miscellaneous Items
[while they last]

We're sorry we cannot display more information about these. If you're interested, we hope you'll just take a chance and order.

Please note:

  • No returns; all sales are final

  • See Prices for shipping, handling, and processing fees
  • All items below available for shipping in the U.S.; for international shipping, please e-mail Dion Neutra at
Centennial Pin [collector's item; limited quantities], $10
Centennial Poster, 22x25" [collector's item; limited quantities], folded, $6
Centennial Poster, 22x25" [collector's item; limited quantities], rolled and autographed, $15
RJN Travel Sketches at USC [10-page B&W exhibition brochure illustrating Neutra sketching; produced by Cal Poly for the USC Centennial exhibition in 1992; very few copies], $15
Calendar with Neutra Pescher House sketch on cover [collector's item; limited quantities], $25
Reprints of flyers for former Neutra events, including Centennial, Silverlake Home Tour, Lovell Health House Tour [1992 vintage; collector's item; limited quantities], $1 each
VDL II Description of Construction Philosophy and listing of participants [collector's item; limited quantities], 7 pages, $4 each

Shipping and Handling Fees

Use the following PayPal buttons to cover the shipping and handling costs associated with your order [does not apply to orders for Institute membership or reservations to events]:


Within the US: $15 per item
($10 shipping/handling + $5 credit-card processing)

Outside the US: $40 per item
($35 shipping/handling + $5 credit-card processing)


For shipping US orders: for one item press $5; for two press $7; for three press $10. For shipping Overseas orders [up to 3 items]: Do the above plus for surface mail, press $15 for the extra postage and handling. Press $30 if airmail is desired. For all PayPal orders, add $5 for each item ordered to cover credit card processing.

Make sure to do this correctly, to avoid delay in your order. Credit card is by far the most expeditious.

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