Kronish Update 4

The LA Conservancy is starting a campaign today encouraging supporters in BH to write or call their City representative to intervene and SAVE this icon/monument (see letter template below). Meanwhile, the word is that this owner, who remains unidentified so far, is contemptuous of this “fixit” as he terms it, and may feel that he can increase the sales price of this two acre parcel once this encumbrance is removed!

So far, all efforts to present buyers who want to acquire WITH the house for restoration, have been turned away. We fear that demolition might even occur WITHOUT permit or following protocol, such as it is. I’m trying to contact neighbors to report untoward activity in hopes of catching images of the deed in progress.

Now, it seems possible this act may occur DESPITE any efforts by BH! Still, you can imagine the headlines “BH presides over the worst preservation disaster since MASLON ten years ago!” I’ve been working for years to perfect a Conservation Agreement process to be recorded on title, whereby this owner would have contemplated a fine of $3.5M to encourage him to consider saving his treasure. I tried to suggest this when I visited this site last about two months ago; no takers.


Below is the text of the letter you’ll copy and paste into an email and send to the Beverly Hills Mayor and City Council:

To Mayor and City Council, City of Beverly Hills

As you’ll recall, your body responded to the crisis by postponing demolition , and asking your planning department to craft a long awaited preservation ordinance.

Many organizations and individuals have since been working ceaselessly, apparently in vain, to try to find a saviour to supplement individual donations being collected by the Neutra Institute. Read the petition signed so far by over 1000 individuals and counting, from the entire world, reminiscent of the 650 letters held up during the council meeting on August 2nd.

As we count the ‘borrowed time’ up now, it’s become clear that the solution has to lie closer to home after all. You could make Beverly Hills a world class favorite!

The city of Beverly Hills needs to step up to the plate and ACQUIRE THIS PROPERTY AS A PUBLIC ASSET!

Buy these people out and reconstitute this to THE NEUTRA LIBRARY IN BEVERLY HILLS

Partner with a local museum, if necessary, to operate this site as a supplement to other similar historic assets you currently have, with low key visitation permitted by appointment, encouraging the appreciation of the architecture of the mid century, and BECOMING THE HERO OF COUNTLESS THOUSANDS!

The Neutra Institute, Dion Neutra, project architect, and others pledge to continue their efforts to find funds to at least partially repay this ‘loan’ put forth by the city, to allow this restoration project the time it needs, to come together on this secluded site.

Thank you,

[your name and city]