Help Create The Neutra Center

The Neutra Institute is conducting a National Fund Raising Campaign.

Be among many to commit and continue to change the history of preservation In our country! Our new goal is to also attract some of the richest patrons in our country to step up and make up any shortfall to repurpose this icon to ‘The Neutra Center in Silver Lake’! WE NEED $5 MILLION! We propose a partnership with LACMA, to form LACMA EAST! Donations are tax exempt between the County Museum of Art and this Institute.


Can we build on the successes we achieved with our efforts for Kronish? Fans still need the opportunity to visit and experience interiors of saved Neutra examples from history!

The Neutra office Building, built 1950, is the only surviving example of Neutra Commercial Design. As such, it has been a City Monument and listed on the National Register for years. Will this make it any more successful for salvation? Situated amid a cluster of a dozen Neutra’s within walking distance, it is the ideal ‘central’ for visitors and fans. It can also serve as HQ for the Neutra Institute.

Visit the Blog page to read more about the situation and our efforts so far. SIGN our petition.

To keep this simple for us; please establish a PayPal account or use your credit card and contribute with the most generous amount you can feel comfortable by clicking the “Donate” button below. We’ll keep a tally and let you know how we’re doing.