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Neutra Architecture Gallery

Gettysburg Visitor Center
Photo: © Lawrence S. Williams, Inc. Photography

We are currently compiling an extensive image gallery of Neutra architecture and related work. The gallery contains a small sampling of my own images. Ideally, we would like to include many images from many sources, and we would greatly appreciate your ideas and contributions.

Needless to say, the process of obtaining permission (plus copies and scans of images) is often complicated and time-consuming. For that reason, we invite our friends in the architecture and academic communities to contact me, so we can build these new pages together.

If you have images or ideas, please e-mail me at Meanwhile, enjoy the picture gallery as it continues to expand.

-- Dion Neutra

  Neutra Wedding Gallery - Neutra Reunion House, Silver Lake, Los Angeles, January 1, 2006.
  Neutra Jardinette Apts. Video Clip (DSL/T1 connection,
MPEG-1, 7 Mb, 40 secs - to view it save file first.)

Neutra Lovell House Video Clip (DSL/T1 connection,
MPEG-1, 10 Mb, 57 secs.- to view it save file first.)

  Neutra Gettysburg Slide Show by Austrian architect Peter Eder (248 Kb)
  Neutra Gettysburg Cyclorama Center
  Neutra Gettysburg Cyclorama Center (External link)
  Neutra Gallery in HTML format (no viewer needed)
  Neutra Gallery in Slide Show format (no plugin needed)
  Neutra Everist House Plan
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