Remarks by representative signers of the Save Cyclorama Petition-I thru 730.

November 8, 2004: The following are representative of remarks made by signors of Petition-1 (starting with about #376), whose text is reproduced at the end of this sample. Gives a sense of the issues people identified as representative of their feelings with regard to the proposed demolition of the Neutra Cyclorama Building on the battlefield of Gettysburg, where it has stood since its dedication in 1961.

You may find these helpful to decide what you yourself would like to add in your remarks, in signing the current Petition, now directly specifically and personally addressed to president, George W. Bush as he commences his second term in office.

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728 John M. Korolow Post-war structures of high significance must be saved so that we are not disconnected from our architectural history. The period between 1946 and 1970 must be represented and Neutra's Cyclorama at Gettysburg is well deserving of being preserved. New York

727 Mark Dunn I grew up in rural southwest Pennsylvania, and return often to visit family. The diversity in California challenges you to consider things outside your comfort zone. Allow the cyclorama to remain, to enrich the lives of Pennsylvanians. Diversity is what makes, and has always made, America strong. Hemet, CA

722 Geoffrey N. Brown Please preserve this American modernist treasure Camden, Maine

718 William Swift Why not try and save this monument as a testament to time, Must everything in the world resemble Wal Mart? San Francisco

717 David Price Great buildings add meaning to our lives, this is great building by a great architect, please save this art for future generations. Los Angeles, CA

715 Doug Stern We live in a disposable society where the old is routinely discarded in favor of the new. But, how can future generations measure progress when the benchmarks are destroyed? Washington, DC

713 Michael C. Beach Pennsylvania stepped in and saved Fallingwater, now it's time to step in and save Neutra's Cyclorama Building in Gettysburg. Boston, MA

712 Rob Garrett This structure is a mid-twentieth century architectural and historical relic. It must be preserved at all costs! Lancaster, TX

704 Jenny Tse Neutra's architecture is incredibly captivating, there is no reason why any of his works should be destroyed!! Los Angeles, CA.

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680 Elfriede Jeller An irreplaceable gem. Must be preserved at all cost Ottawa, Canada

677 Mike Day sacrilege!!!!! How could you think of such of thing!!! Washington,D.C.

676 Heather Daley This is one of my favorite buildings, and something I look forward to seeing whenever I go to Gettysburg. Arlington, VA

674 Melissa Boyette I remember being impressed by this building as an elementary school student... now I am an architect. It would be a detriment to lose it! Washington, D.C.

667 Richard Irwin As a Pennsylvania resident and admirer of the works a great architects I join in the plea to save Richard Neutras Cyclorama building in Gettysburg. Along with needlessly loosing a wonderful building, Pennsylvanians will come to hold their heads in shame for such a dastardly deed. Somerset Pennsylvania

658 George Melrod I've been to Gettysburg many times, as a kid, and as an adult. I feel strongly about the battlefield and its integrity. But I also think those classic modernist national parks structures of mid-20th century create a powerful and noble context for our national historic parks. Los Angeles

657 Bruce Marlow I saw the Cyclorama as a child and was captivated. Any replacement will just be more boring modern graphic design. Neutra was a genius. For so matter reasons, the cyclorama should be preserved. Los Angeles, CA

650 Stephanie M. Hoagland save Newtra's Cyclorama. The proposed visitor's center would be a blight on the landscape Piscataway, NJ

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635 Robert We have got to stop doing this in U.S.A.!! We need arichitecture for culture. Palm Springs, Ca. 92262

633 Jade Thomas Nelson Having just seen Richard & Dion Neutra's residence, VDL II house, and being in complete awe of the design and forethought their buildings show, I cannot even begin to comprehend why any person or entity would neglect to preserve and/or restore such innovative and intelligently designed architecture. I have been fortunate to view the two preserved Neutra residences here in Palm Springs and they are testament to the Neutra legacy of respecting the environment and surroundings. Neutra was a master of integrating a building into its site. Please show him the respect he deserves and commission the restoration, preservation and revival of Neutra's Cyclorama at Gettysburg! Palm Springs, CA

628 Mark Wernham Please reconsider! It's an important building and pulling it down will be remembered as an act of cultural vandalism. London, England

624 Marla Griffin I am a graduate student in historic preservation at the University of Southern California. I have a Bachelor's in Urban Planning from Cal Poly Pomona where my studies in historic preservation began in 2001. Prior to my graduation in 2003, I did significant research on Richard Neutra for an historic structures report for VDL II in Los Angeles. It is from said research that I learned about the impact of Richard Neutra's works upon the world. And, after visiting the Cyclorama last summer, I do attest to the significance of the Cyclorama building, and it would be a travesty if this irreplaceable structure were demolished. I find it extremely difficult to understand how the government agancies and staff involved cannot see what they have in their hands, and that they do not seem motivated or willing to abide by their own preservation standards. I truly hope, wish, and will pray that Neutra's Cyclorama building will be preserved for my children and grandchildren to see and appreciate. Yucaipa, California

616 Ana Escarzaga it´s a shame that any building by architects such as Neutra should be demolished. I only wish we had a single Neutra building in Spain!! Santander, Spain

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589 James D Grindle Jr Please preserve this beautiful landmark created for one of our most sacrificial battles by the mind of a true creator. Charlotte, N.C.

585 joel tarver This is an important work that must be preserved houston, TX

582 Catherine Horsey One of the first lessons to be learned in historic preservation is that additions and changes to buildings and landscapes take on a historic nature of their own. Neutra is a nationally recognized groundbreaking architect--the NPS should recognize his importance as well. Dallas, Texas

577 Gilbert Swift Please preserve this historic building as part of our heritage. I want my grandchildren to see it. Dallas TX

576 Sean K. Garman As an architect as well as members of the National Park Conservation Assoc. and the National Park Foundation, I am shocked and appauled that the National Park Service is considering the demolition of Cyclorama and NP battlegounds. I strongly support this effort. Dallas, TX

574 Randal Startz I visited this place as a child and found it historically relevant to part of my historical education Dallas; TX

560 Nathan Wieler This is outrageous and is obviously the work of people that do not have an understanding of Neutra's global impact on modern architecture and design. Pittsboro, North Carolina

539 Felipe Bulnes The continual refinement of human knowledge of the body & soul came to be one & the same thing for me, and the architecture of human living space its most necessary applications & evaluation. Richard Neutra Perth, Western Australia

528 Benjamin Crowder Please do not destroy this building! I was visiting just this summer and though it was the coolest part of the trip. I am a Boy Scout and participated in the Heritage Trail Walk. I cannot imagine this building and painting being moved off of it's location and put a mile away from the battlefield. I do not understand that purpose. You must not allow this generation to destroy this building. With it, you will destroy what many fought and died to preserve. Ashville, OH

527 Bobbie J. Merritt I was recently at the Cyclorama in Gettysburg with my family and would be most appalled if this beautiful building and its history was demolished for the sake of urban sprawl. Many of our ancestors fought on these battlefields for something that they believed in. It would be an injustice to build a new, fancy building on the undisturbed battlefield. From what I've seen and read while in Gettysburg, the town does not want to see the grounds destroyed, but refurbished. The area is rich in culture and history and proud of it's role in the history books. Keep the building and restore the painting and surrounding footworks. Don't destroy what others have placed there in memory of our fallen ancestors. Ashville, OH

526 Vladimier Varlyga In Russia they love and cherish beautiful architecture, why tear down when reuse is easy?

525 Rich Borowy Please preserve this important building Woodland Hills, Ca.

524 James A. Tucci Please preserve and pardon this beautiful building Ca.

506 Andrew Liang When are we going to wake up as a Nation to realize that the path we are on is self destruction. Is nothing sacred anymore? We already lead the world in being the most wasteful Nation, must we now expand our wastefulness to include our historical and cultural artifacts as well? Just becasue you can doesn't mean that you should, please think for the larger collective instead of the few. Los Angeles, CA

497 Mark Baker Please look to the future without ignoring the past. Albuquerque, New Mexico

496 Judith Baar As with many earlier periods MCM isn't old enough for many to recongnize it's value and if we are not careful much of it will be gone before that recognition takes place.

377 Dion Neutra, AIA FISD, project architect of the building! If razing the Cyclorama were really step #1 of a master plan to clear the battlefield, with other steps in the works, like toppling the regimental monuments, closing the adjacent highway with its motels and fast food places, and clearing off the blacktop roadways which traverse the site, I could BEGIN to buy the logic here, but no one is proposing this (nor should they, in my view)! Absent our building , you'd STILL have all that clutter! GET REAL? Los Angeles, CA.

376 Dion Neutra, project architect Here's an idea: Let us design a diorama in the Cyclorama Theater space [once the painting is moved]. With proper lighting and music you could recreate a circulrama scene of the battlefield like it REALLY looked in 1863!

The same theater space could be then used to create a state of the art sound and light re-enactment of the three days of the battle in order, showing the movement of the troops and explaining the strategy employed by the two sides.

After these viewings, the visitor mounts to our roof terrace viewing platform and sees the scene as it has evolved over the ensuing 150 years! [Would save a lot of costs of tree cutting and anguish about intrusions].

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