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Dion Neutra's latest Challenge!

The world famous firm recently celebrated its 80th Anniversary!

The events occurred on Saturday and Sunday, April 8 and 9, 2006. Raw footage was shot on mini DV tape. Needed is a volunteer or two; to edit the raw footage of the events, and provide post production ideas to create one or more shows. See the Bulletins section of the website for more details. This was an important occasion, since it may never be repeated again; at least not in that format.

A great chance for would-be film makers to show their stuff!
As follows-up for these shows, there could be a more comprehensive documentary of the firm, long overdue.

A further challenge: The plight of the Lovell Health House:

This late 20s steel framed 4-level residence is also approaching 80 years of age. One column has rusted through and no longer makes contact with its base plate! This situation required extensive testing to determine extent of damage. There should be further research done to figure out the best way to deal with it, including appearances before the City's Cultural Heritage Commission to approve the solutions proposed. There exists some footage of the early exploration. Coverage is needed to document further steps in this process.

It is proposed to catch all the action on tape with a view to creating a program capable of being shown on television. DVDs may also be sold in museums, bookstores, etc. Hopefully through sale of the program, funds may be raised to reimburse some of the funding we hope to attract from sponsors to front the costs.

Applicants must be prepared to speculate their time, material and equipment, in exchange for screen credit and a valuable credit for their resume. Hand held digital is acceptable format. Total time span of production is indefinite; whatever events that occur in the process should be covered. Final edit to fit TV format.

Apply to:

Dion Neutra, Architect, Executive Consultant
Institute for Survival Through Design
2440 Neutra Place Los Angeles, CA 90039
Phone/Fax:323 666 1806